Friday, January 2, 2009

Textures, reflections, and new smells

Saraphina is beginning to make sense of the world. She recognizes people and reaches out to touch everything.

We think this is because she is brilliant. Plus she's really cute. She especially likes her own feet, which are quite fascinating and can be put her in mouth. This is awesome to anyone who has ever done yoga.

She likes to visit the baby in the mirror. The other day she discovered the baby in the colander. That was just before she tasted the colander. Most items must be tasted to be understood.

In our household, this is not surprising.

For Christmas she got a rocking horse. Our golden retriever sat down across from it and began to growl when she noticed it sitting in the dining room. To reassure her, we pressed the button that makes its muzzle move, as it whinneys and swishes its tail. Being a friendly sort, she got up to check it out further.

It seems to have passed the test.

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