Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nana, I want that book!

This could be the world's cutest baby.

At 7 months, Saraphina knows her name, recognizes her grandmas, holds her hand out for Grandpa Dave to kiss, and drinks water out of a glass. She's also waves hello whenever someone enters the room.

She almost has a tooth and looks at our food hungrily when we eat. Her favorite snack right now is avocado. Banana ranks up there pretty high too. She has tried out some pureed fruits and eats creamy cereal for breakfast.

She has figured out how to make her toys make sounds, so her playroom is a filled with toy sounds and squeals of delight. It's pretty hard not to smile when she is around.

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unityofeffect said...

That picture is great. She is so beautiful.