Thursday, July 31, 2008

Visit to the Doctor

Kris and Shaun went to the doctor today. The baby's head is down. Tired of predictions, Kris is resting up and just enjoying herself. She will see the doctor again on Monday... if not before.

So while we're in a holding pattern, we thought we'd share some pictures of a couple of dresses we've made.

Fluffy Bunny couldn't wear the hat, so Henry graciously offered to be our model. A little note on Henry. He is a child of the 70s. My sister gave the first Henry to my daughter Michelann. He eventually fell apart after too many visits to the washing machine. We found this Henry in the attic. We unstuffed him, ran him through the washer and breathed new life into him. Anyhow, Henry looks quite cute in our hat and jumper.

Not to be outdone, Fluffy Bunny agreed to model one of our first dresses... one that doesn't have a hat. This is a Frieda Kahlo type fabric that Kris bought on Olivera Street in Los Angeles.

As you can see, Saraphina is going to be a very well-dressed baby. In fact, the longer she waits to come, the more clothing she will have to wear.

There are lots more fashions to model, but we'll save them in case we need to fill in more blog space while we wait for Saraphina.

In the meantime know that Kris is doing fine.

P.S. If Shaun makes me a latte tonight, this will be a dress by morning.

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