Saturday, August 9, 2008

Coming Home Today

If all goes as planned, Saraphina and parents will be home this afternoon. Then we will get our camera back and get to post more photos.

I spent yesterday driving back and forth to the hospital with supplies (really I just wanted to visit with all of them). Saraphina had bonding time with all her grandmothers and grandfathers yesterday.

The maternity ward was completely chaotic because so many babies were born yesterday. We were warned that c-sections and inductions had been planned so that babies would be born on 8-8-08. I guess it was true because the nursery was packed and the nursing staff was stretched pretty thin. I took a batch of sticky buns and some chocolate chipotle brownies which Kris and Shaun gave out to the nurses. The news spread pretty fast and some nurses came back for more.

Shaun especially is looking forward to getting home to a proper bed and better food. I think Kris is looking forward to being in her own private space again.

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