Sunday, August 10, 2008

Settling In

Saraphina watches patiently as Mom looks for fingers in the sleeve of her going home outfit.

Everything checked out fine with both Mom and baby so they were released from the hospital yesterday afternoon.

It didn't take too long to get settled at home. Dogs Amber and Ladybug got quick introductions to Saraphina. Amber is especially interested. Dave thinks it's because she hopes that Saraphina will spill things when she eats so that Amber can lick them up.

Shaun says no good kitchen would be complete without the Amber 2000 to clean up splatters and spills.

Speaking of Amber. Shaun invited her out into the living room for a closer look. After sniffing Saraphina, she sat down to watch Saraphina's new learning toy.

We figure by the end of the day she will be able to recognize several different animals... well maybe not the actual animal, but cartoon versions anyhow.

Shaun has put a sign on the front gate requesting that you call our cell phones before ringing the bell since Amber and Ladybug love to greet visitors in their own special way... lots of barking. This way we can put the dogs in the hall before they realize you are there. Thanks!

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Sandra Pope said...

I "know" Kris through her Gaia work and through Joan Norton.

Welcome to beautiful Serafina!

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Father's Day to her Mommy and Daddy!

And congratulations to Grandma Nan. I'm a happy grandma, too.

I was struck by Daddy's "pacifier" finger in baby's mouth -- that's exactly what my son-in-law and daughter did.

It works!

My best to all of you,

Sandra Pope