Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Tired Day

Here's the dress we promised to show you. Kris hemmed it last night.

Kris woke up this morning feeling a bit dragged out, so Shaun took her for a quick visit with her doctor. Turns out her blood sugar was low. Hmm, we can fix that. (Click on photo below for more detail.)

Sticky buns are probably not exactly what Kris' doctor had in mind when she mentioned the blood sugar, but we plan to do some baking for the hospital staff, so we're doing a little testing in the meantime.

While some women crave pickles and ice cream, Kris has been craving Chicago-style pizza. She found her favorite Chicago pizza on the web and showed Shaun what it should look like. Shaun has been trying to recreate it. This was tonight's version.

We're hoping that he doesn't get it right too soon, as we are happily enjoying the experimentation.

When Kris got home this afternoon, she was still feeling pretty tired and uncomfortable. The doctor said the baby is definitely moving into position and Kris' contractions are rhythmic, but not close enough or regular enough yet. So this is probably a good time to be resting.

Here is a photo of Kris' resting companion.

Frankie (named after Old Blue Eyes) lives next door with Molly, but Frankie likes to spend some of her outdoor time in our secret garden with Kris and Shaun. Today was a good day to have a cat purring next to you. Thanks Molly for sharing her with us.


MissM said...

You're torturing me with that sticky bun picture. Just when I thought I had forgotten them...

Stephanie said...

MMMM..... wish I was there! I can't wait until October to see everyone! Thanks for doing this, Nancy. Who'd have thought that Kris the Web Mistress wouldn't be writing her own baby blog? Its great to see the updates. Much love to you all- sending supportive vibes.