Friday, August 8, 2008

First Release

Prepare for many more photos. She has glowing skin, red cheeks, and dark eyes. I'd write more but I want to get back to the hospital to see baby and family.


Joan Norton said...

She's beautiful ! Good job, Kris...sounds like a good delivery. Much happiness to the whole family. Christmas Day. Joan

Stephanie said...

Hooray!! Welcome dear little one! Many hugs and love and soothing healing rest for Kris (and all!) Was she born with a drum in her hand?

Nancy Oster said...

I was surprised that Shaun didn't sample her heartbeat on the fetal monitor. Last night they soothed her by playing the calimba. Kris had a drum with her in the labor room and lots of music.


joan v said...

Dear Saraphina and Family -
Welcome to this world! May your life be filled with light, love, abundance, music and joy.
What patient people you have been, Kris, especially, as well as Shaun and rest of family - It sounds as if all of you were in great hands for the delivery.
Whew - good to know you are well and safe, Kris. Much love and many hugs the next time we see each other.
Joan and Kurt who says she is beautiful.

kgenest said...

Hello Seraphina! She certainly is beautiful. Congratulations!