Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Walking Coach Danielle

Well Saraphina's due date is here but Saraphina is still enjoying her birthfree existence. Today is also Kris and Shaun's anniversary (note the beautiful necklace Shaun gave her).

Kris had a relatively contraction-free day so her sister, Danielle, came over to take her for a real beach walk. Off they went with Kris' mom and Danielle's youngest daughter (who was born soon after just such a beach walk almost three years ago).

Well as of tonight, there are still no contractions. Saraphina has now officially entered the Leo phase of the Zodiac and we think making us wait for her grand entrance is certainly Leo behavior. Although she is not really late, we're just very anxious to meet her.

Shaun and I have made an anniversary dinner lasagna with homemade basil pasta and pannini-grilled eggplant. At their wedding we served gnocchi, polenta, and mystery meatballs. Hmm, I think I even have some chocolate chipotle mousse cakes in the freezer we can add for dessert.

Yes, this baby is going to come, just maybe not today.


Stephanie said...

Leo is from July 23- August 23, so Little Saraphina will definitely be a Leo! (I'm a Leo, too!)

Nancy Oster said...

Hi Stephanie,
I love getting your comments.
Thanks, Nancy