Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Picture of the Week

This was the week of the bath. Saraphina handled it well, as did her parents.

A visit to the pediatrician confirmed that Saraphina is progressing nicely with a healthy weight gain of one pound. He also noted that in addition to being lovely, she was very tolerant while he examined her.

She has had many visits from friends and family, during which she coo'd adorably. Each day her awareness of her environment is growing. She likes light, especially if it blinks like the rubber ducky Grandma Rose got for her bathtub.

She giggles in her sleep and she has a big dimple in her left cheek.

She is sleeping a bit longer at night and entertains us with longer wakeful periods during the day. Right now she is pretty much the center of our Universe.

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unityofeffect said...

It was so nice to visit her. She is amazing. I loved all her little coos.